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rFactor PLR File

The <player name>.plr file within rFactor primarily contains the settings related to an individual driver (player). It is called found in the rFactor\UserData\<player name> folder. The most important entries can be altered from within rFactor but there are many others which can only be changed by directly editing the .plr file.

Note: Not all entries yet done. Several entries are unknown and these are marked with double question marks, "??". Please fill in any missing information!

//[[gMa1.002f (c)2007    ]] [[            ]]
//*                                                               *
//*  Player File                                                  *
//*                                                               *
//*  Edit at your own risk!                                       *
//*                                                               *
//*  Copyright (c) 1999-2007 Image Space Incorporated             *
//*  All rights reserved.                                         *
//*                                                               *

Scene File="GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS\GPC79tracks\09_Silverstone\Silverstone79\Silverstone79.SCN"
Scene Description="Silverstone79"
AI Database File="GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS\GPC79tracks\09_Silverstone\Silverstone79\Silverstone79.AIW"

The last track you drove at.

RaceCast Email="" // The email you are registered with on racecast.rfactor.net
RaceCast Password="" // Your password on racecast.rfactor.net

From the Racecast section of the multiplayer settings.

Team="Brain Fade Team Seven"
Original Driver="Rik Walker"
Birth Date=""

From the last car you drove.

Game Description="TWF179_s08.rfm" // The current rFactor game file (*.RFM) to load
Season="" // The current season within the given game

The rfm file for the last mod you drove and the name of the season if you are running one.


Your helmet file. The actual helmet file will be (in this case) Rik_helmet.dds and it will be stored in the folder specified by the rfm file for the mod (default is rFactor\GameData\Helmets but many mods override this and use their own helmets folder, eg rFactor\GameData\Helmets\GP79).
If you change mod then it will still try and use the same helmet file but it will now be looking in the folder specified by the new mod - and if it is different then it won't find it!
Hopefully this will be improved in future versions - rFactor should store the helmet for each mod (presumably in the .cch file for the mod), not just one value like it does here.

Unique ID="18942" // Helps to uniquely identify in multiplayer (along with name) if leaving and coming back

A random (?) value created when the player file is first created.

Starting Driver="0" // Zero-based index of starting driver (0=driver1, 1=driver2, 2=driver3, etc.)
AI Controls Driver="2" // Bitfield defining which drivers the AI controls (0=none, 1=driver1, 2=driver2, 3=driver1+driver2, etc.)
Driver Hotswap Delay="3.00000" // Delay in seconds between switching controls to AI or remote driver
Save Game Description="" // Restore if changed during multiplayer
Save Season="" // Restore if changed during multiplayer
Save Vehicle File="" // Restore if changed during multiplayer


[ CHAT ]
Quick Chat #1="Slowing to pit"
Quick Chat #2="Leaving pits"
Quick Chat #3="Go Left"
Quick Chat #4="Go Right"
Quick Chat #5="Thank you"
Quick Chat #6="Sorry"
Quick Chat #7="Be careful at the first corner"
Quick Chat #8="Good job"
Quick Chat #9="Good race"
Quick Chat #10="/vote yes"
Quick Chat #11="/vote no"
Quick Chat #12="/ping"

Edit these lines if you want to change the quick chat messages.

Steering Help="0" // Now 3 levels, although full level now comes with a weight penalty by default
Throttle Control="0"
Brake Help="0"
Antilock Brakes="0"
Spin Recovery="0"
Opposite Lock="0"
Stability Control="0"

These correspond to the options in the Difficulty the game settings.

No AI Control="1" // AI never has control over car (except autopit)


Pitcrew Push="1" // When out of fuel in pitlane, allows pitcrew to push car (use throttle and gear selection to direct)

This is useful if you ever find yourself coasting into the pits when out of fuel!! Doesn't work unless you are in the pit lane.

Auto Clutch="1"
Auto Lift="0" // Whether to automatically lift with manual shifting but auto-clutch (non-semiautomatic trans only)
Auto Blip="1" // Whether to automatically blip with manual shifting but auto-clutch (non-semiautomatic trans only)

Auto Clutch is from the Difficulty game settings.
Auto Lift means that you can keep the throttle pressed down when changing up without redlining the revs. Not really necessary with most mods and with some, eg GP79, there is a small weight penalty applied for using it.
Auto Blip will automatically blip the throttle so as to match revs when changing down. Again, mods such as GP79 will apply a small weight penalty for using it so you'll be faster if you can learn to do it yourself.

Shift Mode="0"
Repeat Shifts="0" // 0 = no repeat shift detection, 1 = detect and eliminate accidental repeat shifts within 100ms, 2 = 150ms, 3 = 200ms, 4 = 250ms, 5 = prevent shifting again before previous shift is completed
Manual Shift Override Time="0.60000" // How long after a manual shift until auto shifting resumes (if auto-shifting is enabled)
Auto Shift Override Time="0.55000" // How long after an automatic shift before user is allowed to manually shift
Hold Clutch On Start="1" // For auto-shifting only: whether to hold clutch for standing start (to allow revving without moving)

Shift Mode is from the Difficulty game settings.
Repeat Shifts is useful if your shifting control gives occasional double shifts.

Track Markers="1" // Extra track markers for turning and braking

Unknown. "1" is the default value.

Data Acquisition Version="0" // Version of vehicle data to write out
Data Acquisition Rate="0"
Data Acquisition In Race="0"
Data Acquisition EXE="D:\Program Files\MoTeC\i2\1.0\MoTeC.exe"
Data Acquisition File="E:\rFactor\UserData\LOG\MoTeC"

Telemetry values. Note that rFactor does not include telemetry as standard, the above values are suitable for use with the DataAcquisition plugin (paths are system dependent)

Alternate Collision="0" // Temporary variable as we develop new collision system.  NOT AVAILABLE IN THIS VERSION


[ Mechanical Failures ]
QUICK Failure Rate="1" // Mechanical failure rate (0-none, 1-normal, 2-timescaled, disabled: 3-season)
MULTI Failure Rate="2"

Mechanical failures primarily affects engine failure from over-revving, over-heating or simply exceeding the engine's lifespan.
NB: "timescaled" would imply that if the race time scale is set to x1 then mechanical failures should occur at the same rate as if the failure rate were set to 1 (normal). It seems that they happen a lot more frequently than that however. Recommended to set to 1 unless you have a specific reason to use timescaled.
NB: For all appropriate plr file entries, "QUICK" = offline, "MULTI" = online

[ Race Conditions ]
Run Practice1="1"
Run Practice2="0"
Run Practice3="0"
Run Practice4="0"
Run Qualify="1"
Run Warmup="1"

If 0 the session will not be run, if 1 then it will be.

Race Timer="3600" // Seconds between displaying time remaining in race other than 1/5/10/30 minutes (zero disables)


Recon Pit Open="300" // Time that pits remain open for recon laps (real-life is 900 seconds)
Recon Pit Closed="150" // Time that pits are closed before formation lap (real-life is 900 seconds)
Recon Timer="1" // Whether timer is displayed in message box


Double File Override="0" // Whether restarts can be converted to double file (-1=use RFM default, 0=no, 1+=minimum laps left to restart double-file)

How restarts are handled following a full course caution.

Lucky Dog Override="1" // Where lucky dog is applied (-1=use RFM default, 0=nowhere, 1=ovals, 2=road courses, 3=everywhere)

The "lucky dog" is the leading driver who is one or more laps behind the leader. If lucky dog is applied then he will be instructed to overtake the pace car and to regain a lap.

QUICK Reconnaissance="0" // Reconnaissance laps
MULTI Reconnaissance="0"
QUICK Grid Walkthrough="1" // Cinematic walkthrough of vehicles before race
MULTI Grid Walkthrough="0"


QUICK Formation Lap="1" // 0=standing start, 1=formation lap & standing start, 2=lap behind safety car & rolling start, 3=use track default, 4=fast rolling start
MULTI Formation Lap="0"
Force Formation="0" // if Formation Lap is Use Track Default, add the following to force: 1=standing start formations on, 2=standing formations off, 4=rolling start formations on, 8=rolling formations off

Whether a formation lap is run or not and the type (1 = F1 style where the pole sitter controls the pace, 2 = NASCAR style with a pace car).
Note that it is not possible to run more than a single formation lap such as they often do in real life oval series.

QUICK Safety Car Collidable="0" // Whether safety car is collidable
MULTI Safety Car Collidable="0"

Not realistic but it might be sensible to make the safety car non-collidable!

QUICK Safety Car Thresh="1.00000" // Threshold for bringing out safety car (lower numbers -> more full-course yellows), please note that there are now RFM multipliers for this value
MULTI Safety Car Thresh="0.30000"

As per the comment.

Adjust Frozen Order="1.00000" // Moves vehicles down the frozen track order under the safety car if they are causing the yellow and being passed.  0.0=off, 0.1-0.9=apply liberally, 1.0+=apply conservatively

As per comment. Seems unlikely to be sensible to ever set this to 0.0

QUICK Flag Rules="1" // Level of rule enforcement, 0=none, 1=penalties only, 2=penalties & full-course yellows
MULTI Flag Rules="2"

"penalties" means drive through, stop & go and disqualification.

QUICK BlueFlags="1" // 0=none, 1=show but never penalize, 2=show and penalize if following within 0.3 seconds, 3=0.5s, 4=0.7s, 5=0.9s, 6=1.1s, 7=use RFM value "BlueFlags=<0-6>" (default is 3)
MULTI BlueFlags="7"

Be careful setting this to penalise with higher following distances (eg values 4+) as it can be rather punative on lapped cars.

QUICK Weather="0" // Random/season/sunny/etc.
MULTI Weather="0"

Doesn't seem to have much real effect.

QUICK TimeScaledWeather="1" // Whether weather time is scaled with session length
MULTI TimeScaledWeather="1"


Practice1StartingTime="840" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight
QualifyingStartingTime="840" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight
WarmupStartingTime="840" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight
QUICK RaceStartingTime="840" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight to start race
MULTI RaceStartingTime="840"

840 = 14:00 hours.

QUICK RaceTimeScale="1" // -1 = use race distance percentage, 0 - 60 = multiply time by given factor
MULTI RaceTimeScale="1"

Changes how quickly time passes - eg if set to 4 then 4 hours would pass within rFactor for each hour in the real world. Useful if you want to simulate, say, a 24 hour race with day / night transitions but don't want to spend the full 24 hours running it!

QUICK PrivateQualifying="1" // 0=all cars qualify visibly on track together, 1=only one car is visible at a time, 2=use default from RFM, season, or track entry PrivateQualifying=<0 or 1>
MULTI PrivateQualifying="2"

As per comment

QUICK ParcFerme="0" // 0=off, 1=no setup changes allowed between qual and race except for 'Free Settings'), 2=same unless rain, 3=use RFM default 'ParcFerme=<0-2>'
MULTI ParcFerme="3"

ParcFerme is where some or all of the setup options cannot be changed between qualifying and the start of the race. NB: you can continue to change your setup until you have set a qualifying lap time. If you do not set a qualifying time at all then you can change the setup during warmup (check this!).
'Free Settings' is specified in the QUICK / MULTI FreeSettings options further down in this file.

[ Sound Options ]
Net Race Warning="Secondary\racestart.wav" // Signal that multiplayer game has moved to race session (empty this if you don't want the game to automatically take window focus)

Note that this is not the horns that you (usually!) hear accompanying the starting lights.

Maximum Effects="16" // Maximum sound effects playing simultaneously

If you set this too low then you will probably not be able to hear important effects such as the starting light horns.

Music="1" // Music Toggle

Whether to play music or not within the rFactor interface.

Track Load Commentary="1" // Whether or not the commentator should talk during track loading


Realtime In Monitor="1" // Whether to play realtime sounds in monitor

?? Not sure but I think if this is set to 0 then you just get general background sounds in the monitor screen and you will not hear any of the other cars passing the pits, etc.

SoundFX Volume="0.28276" // 0.0-1.0
Engine Volume="0.44828" // 0.0-1.0
Traction Control="1.75000" // Volume multiplier
Player Volume Ratio="1.50000" // Additional volume multiplier for player's vehicle
Other Volume Ratio="0.72069" // Additional volume multiplier for other vehicles
Music Volume="0.00000" // 0.0-1.0
Pit Volume="0.50000" // 0.0-1.0, controls volume of pit sounds while you're at the monitor
Spotter Volume="0.69655" // 0.0-1.0

Relative volume levels for the various sound effects. They are all from the Audio game settings screen except:

Sound Detail="2"

?? Perhaps a quality setting

Speed Of Sound="300.00000" // 340m/s at sea level, but lower numbers help exaggerate the Doppler effect
Crowd Range="75.00000" // Volume range parameter
Crowd Shape="0.75000" // Shape of volume attenuation
Crowd Ambient="2.50000" // Ambient range where volume is maximum
Airhorn Range="75.00000"
Airhorn Shape="0.75000"
Airhorn Ambient="2.50000"
Public Address Range="50.00000"
Public Address Shape="0.75000"
Public Address Ambient="2.50000"
Pithorn Range="30.00000"
Pithorn Shape="0.45000"
Pithorn Ambient="1.50000"
Helicopter Range="75.00000"
Helicopter Shape="0.70000"
Helicopter Ambient="2.50000"

Not tried altering any of these but changing the Airhorn values will probably reduce their effect enough to stop them being as annoying as they are at some tracks (eg when in the pits).

Vehicle Scrubbing VolMult="0.00120"
Vehicle Scrubbing FreqGrip="-0.25000"
Vehicle Scrubbing FreqSpeed="0.00195"
Vehicle Skidding VolMult="0.00210"
Vehicle Skidding FreqGrip="-0.25000"
Vehicle Skidding FreqSpeed="0.00195"
Vehicle Roadnoise VolSpeed="32.00000"
Vehicle Roadnoise VolMult="0.0000050000"
Vehicle Roadnoise FreqMin="0.80000"
Vehicle Roadnoise FreqMult="0.00391"

Altering these might make it easier to pick up on the audio clues as to how the tyres are performing.

[ Graphic Options ]
Broadcast Overlay="0"


Texture Detail="3"

From the Display game settings screen (0 = Low, 1 = Medium, 2 = High, 3 = Full)

Vertical FOV Angle="34" // 34=use default, otherwise is the FOV for attached cameras (horiz is calculated based on aspect ratio)

Higher values give more peripheral vision at the expense of a possible "fish-eye" effect. Low values avoid distortion but can reduce the field of view too much. Subject of many arguments as to what you "should" use (or even "must" according to some zealots!). I would recommend that you use whatever you most like :)

Rearview="2" // 0=Off, 1=Center and Side, 2=Center only, 3=Side only (virtual mirrors only, in-car mirrors are on/off)
Allow Rearview In Swingman="0"
Virtual Rearview In Cockpit="1"

Set Virtual Rearview In Cockpit to 1 if you want to use the virtual mirrors.

Rearview Width="96.00000"
Rearview Height="14.00000"

Not tried changing but presumably alters the size of the virtual mirrors.

Rearview Cull="1" // Whether to cull objects in the rearview based on visgroups in the SCN file

If you set this to 0 then all of the track detail will be visible in the mirrors. Track makers usually specifiy that some objects should not be displayed in the mirrors to optimise performance - if they do their job well then you should not notice their lack. If you do then you can try changing this to 0 but it could have a noticable performance hit.

Seat Adjustment Aft="0.07000"
Seat Adjustment Up="0.10000"
Mirror Adjustment Horizontal="0.00300"
Mirror Adjustment Vertical="-0.08100"

Seta & mirror positions.
Query - these are also specified in the <mod>.cch files. Is the .plr file value just a default to use with new mods?

Cockpit Vibration Mult1="0.50000" // Primary vibration multiplier affects eyepoint position (base magnitude is in VEH or cockpit file)
Cockpit Vibration Freq1="31.00000" // Primary rate of vibration affects eyepoint position (higher framerates allow higher rates)
Cockpit Vibration Mult2="0.50000" // Secondary vibration multiplier affects eyepoint orientation (base magnitude is in VEH or cockpit file)
Cockpit Vibration Freq2="37.00000" // Secondary rate of vibration affects eyepoint orientation

The infamous rFactor head shaking that is affected by speed only and is intended to mimic air buffeting and general vibrations that occur at speed. Some love it, some despise it. If you set the Mult1 & Mult2 values to 0 then you can disable it completely. The default Mult values are 1 - I use 0.5. Not tried experimenting with the Freq values.

Moving Rearview="3" // Whether mirrors respond to head movement in cockpit (0=none, 1=position-only, 2=FOV-only, 3=both) - add 4 if you want to IGNORE head-tracking movement

As per comment (not investigated to see effect of changing this)

Rearview_Front_Clip="0.50000" // Front plane distance for mirror (0.0 = use default for scene)
Rearview_Back_Clip="0.00000" // Back plane distance for mirror (0.0 = use default for scene)


Rearview Particles="1"

Whether to see smoke & dust in the mirror (set to 0 for better performance)

Self In TV Rearview="0" // add values for any that should be visible (0=none): 1=rear wing & wheels, 2=body & susp, 4=cockpit, 8=steering wheel (15=all)
Self In Cockpit Rearview="0" // add values for any that should be visible (0=none): 1=rear wing & wheels, 2=body & susp, 4=cockpit, 8=steering wheel (15=all)

It might be more realistic to see these items but the mirror view is often poor enough as it is! Realism or avoidable accidents? Your call!

Backfire Anim Speed="30.00000"
Warning Light Anim Speed="4.00000" // Safety car light animation

How fast backfire effects are animated and how fast the safety car lights flash.

Steering Wheel="0" // 0=moving steering wheel, 1=non-moving steering wheel, 2=no steering wheel (in cockpit only while player-controlled)

The Steering Wheel option from the Display game settings.

Box Outline="16711680" // whether to draw box on ground around pitstall and grid location when necessary; -1=off, 0-16777215=RGB color

As per comment - if you set this off then you will find it hard to find your correct grid position!!

Allow Letterboxing="1" // whether we allow letterboxing (during replays, for example)


Logo Seconds="0" // puts up logo at corner of screen for first X seconds of each session

?? Never tried this.



HUD Race Stats="1"
HUD Tachometer="1"

These are:

Any Camera HUD="1" // whether to show the HUD from any camera (in particular, tracksides)
LCD Display Modes="29" // Add the modes to allow them: 1=status 2=aids 4=engine/brake temps 8=race info 16=standings

29 = all but the aids screen

Automap="3" // 0=off 1=race-only 2=non-race-only 3=all sessions


Display Vehicle Labels="3" // 0=never 1=single-player 2=multi-player 3=always

Unrealistic but useful, especially online! Toggle on/off using the TAB key.

Player Detail="2"
Player Texture Override="3" // For player's vehicle textures: -1=use Player Detail, 0-3=override value
Opponent Detail="1"
Opponent Texture Override="3" // For opponents' vehicle textures: -1=use Opponent Detail, 0-3=override value

Detail values are from the Display game settings values. The Texture Override values might be helpful for those with low end systems and presumably change the texture details for the player and opponent cars in the same manner as the Display game settings "Texture Detail" changes them for the track textures.

Load Opponent Cockpits="1" // Whether to load gauges and LCD for opponents, don't turn off if you're planning on hot-swapping vehicles in multiplayer

Any possible reason for not enabling this??

Garage Detail="0.50000" // LOD multiplier when vehicle is in garage (0.01-1.00)


Shadow Blur="0"
Shadow Cache="1"

First two are from the Display game settings screen. Presumably the cache value should be set to 1 to improve performance.

Pitcrew Detail="1"

?? Not tried setting to other values.

Special FX="4"

Special Effects setting from the Display game settings.

Lightning Probability="1.00000" // Probability of seeing lightning (0.0-1.5)
Thunder Probability="1.50000" // Probability of hearing thunder (0.0-1.5)
Cloud Scroll="0.00000" // Maximum cloud scrolling rate (0.000-0.010)
Cloud Blend="0" // Whether to roll the rainy cloud map in across sky (only works with overhead not cylinder skies)

Not implemented??

Skybox Positioning="1.00000" // Numbers less than 1.0 cause the skybox to get closer as you drive towards it
Shadow Updates="8" // Static shadow updates per frame (Shadow Updates * Sky Update Frames should exceed number of static shadows on track)
Sky Update Frames="150" // Frames between sky and light updates
Vehicle Flow Radius="4.00000" // Vehicle sphere radius for smoke/flames/dust/spray
Vehicle Flow Offset="3.10000" // Offset below vehicle where sphere center is located
Engine Emitter Flow="0" // Whether engine smoke/flames flow over emitting vehicle
Tire Emitter Flow="0" // Whether tire smoke/dust flow over emitting vehicle
Smoke Flow="0" // Whether all smoke/flames/dust flow over non-emitting vehicles
Raindrop Flow="0" // Add to enable: 1=flow over current 2=flow over other vehicles
Rainspray Flow="0" // Add to enable: 1=flow over current 2=flow over other vehicles
Spark Flow="0" // Add to enable: 1=flow over current 2=flow over other vehicles

?? Not tried experimenting with any of these. If they work the 'flow' settings could improve how smoke etc look but are likely to have a fair performance hit.

Glance Rate="7.00000" // Rate to follow controller for glancing

How quickly the view moves when you use the lft/right glance buttons.

Look Up/Down Angle="0.10000" // Angle to look up/down (pitch) w/ controller in radians (= degrees / 57)

?? Doesn't seem to make sense since a racing car controller doesn't go up/down!

Leanahead Angle="0.00000" // Angle to lean head (roll) w/ steering in radians (= degrees / 57)
Look Roll Angle="0.75000" // Angle to lean head (roll) w/ controller in radians (= degrees / 57)

These change the viewpoint so as it appears that you are leaning into the corners. Not sure what the practical difference between the two is.

Glance Angle="0.75000" // Angle to look left/right (yaw) w/ controller in radians (= degrees / 57)

How far your view moves with the glance left/right buttons.

Lookahead Angle="0.10069" // Angle to lookahead (yaw) w/ steering in radians (= degrees / 57)

Moves your viewpoint so as to look towards the direction you are steering. Can be useful when cornering as you get to see more closely where you are going rather than just the direction the car is pointing.

Head Physics="1.00000" // Fraction of head physics movement applied to cockpit view (position AND rotation)
Head Rotation="1.00000" // Additional head physics multiplier affecting rotation only

Global factor to apply to how much the head (ie viewpoint) moves in response to the forces affecting the car. If you think it's over (or under) done then try varying these values.

Exaggerate Yaw="0.52000" // Visually exaggerates the heading angle of the vehicle by rotating the head (which may improve "feel")

Acts a bit like the Lookahead Angle but whereas that one varies in relation to the steering input, this one depends on the actual movement of the car.

Overlay Height="0.04000" // Distance from geometry to help sort drawing skids and grooves
Overlay Z Bias="1" // Draw-sorting bias for skids and grooves (0 = none)

Look like fudge factors to get the graphics to work!

Track Detail="3"

Circuit Detail setting from Display game settings.


?? Whether to show racing groove or not

MIP Mapping="1"
Compressed Textures="1"


Max Visible Vehicles="10"

Visible Vehicles setting from Display game settings.

Further parameters still to do!

Extra Visible Vehicles="105" // Extra vehicles shown in non-driving situations
Shadows In TV Cockpit="1"
Wheels Visible In Cockpit="1" // Suggestion: add FrontWheelsInCockpit=? to the individual VEH files instead
In Car Dash="1"
Starting View="1"
Player Livery="TWF179_rik.dds" // Overrides default paint job for track
Mipmap LOD Speed="50.00000" // Speed (MPH) at which maximum mipmap bias is used (*** from 100)
Mipmap LOD Bias="0.00000"
Allow HUD in cockpit="1"
Allow Swingman in Pitlane="1"
Display Icons="2" // Icons displayed if HUD is off: 0 = none, 1 = flags only, 2 = all
Auto Detail Framerate="65" // Details and visible vehicles will be automatically reduced (by up to half) if framerate is under this threshold (0 to disable)
Max Framerate="0" // 0 to disable, for regular exe only, see multiplayer.ini for dedicated server framerate, new: use negative values for alternate timing
Delay Video Swap="0" // Whether to delay video swap if card is busy - this should only be used if framerate clearly improves - otherwise it is only delaying response time
Always Rebuild HAT="0" // Build HAT database everytime tracks are loaded (for development purposes)
UI Background Animation="1"
Low Detail UI="1"
Widescreen Overlays="1"
Texture Filter="5" // Texture Filtering level: 0 = bilinear, 1 = trilinear, 2 = X2 AF, 3 = X4 AF, 4 = X8 AF, 5 = X16 AF
Max Headlights="12" // Max headlights visible relative to your car.
Headlights On Cars="1" // Headlights illuminate other cars.
Screenshot File Type="0" // 0=default (jpg), 1=bmp, 2=jpg, 3=png, 4=dds

[ Game Options ]
Championship Basic Rules="1"
Basic Rules="0"
Basic Display="0"
Basic Audio="0"
QUICK Damage Multiplier="60" // 100 should approximate real life
MULTI Damage Multiplier="100"
Record Replays="1" // whether to record replays or not
Save All Replay Sessions="1" // whether to save the replay from each session
Record To Memory="1" // record replays to memory rather than disk (may possibly reduce stuttering, but at your own risk because memory usage will be significant for long races)
Compress Replay="0" // whether to compress VCR file (uses less disk space but takes more time to write)
Replay Wraparound="0" // whether replays wraparound in the fridge
Auto Monitor Replay="1" // whether to automatically start a replay when returning to monitor
Record Hotlaps="1" // whether to record hotlaps or not (must have replay recording on)
Instant Replay Length="20"
Replay Fidelity="4"
Super Player Replay="1" // record player at higher frequency
Number Track Replays="10" // how many replays to store for each track (using default naming convention only!)
Number Race Results="1000" // how many results files to store (using default naming convention only!)
Multi-session Results="0" // whether to store all sessions at a track in a single results file, new default is one session per file
Disconnected Results="1" // show results for clients disconnected at end of prac/qual/warmup
Private Test Day="1"
Starting Pos="0" // Only used if no qualifying session in single-player
QUICK AI Driver Strength="106" // 100 should approximate real life
MULTI AI Driver Strength="95"
AI Power Calibration="7" // Adjustments with AI strength (0=none, or add the following: 1=power, 2=gearing, 4=fuel)
AI Fuel Mult="0.99000" // Additional fuel multiplier for AIs because of their driving style
AI Tire Model="0.40000" // 0.0 = use AI peak slip, 1.0 = use player's dynamic slip, or a blend between the two (can be overrode in TBC with AITireModel)
AI Brake_Power Usage="0.98000" // Fraction of theoretical brake power that AI attempt to use (can be overrode in HDV)
AI Brake_Grip Usage="0.97250" // Fraction of theoretical brake grip that AI attempt to use (can be overrode in HDV)
AI Corner_Grip Usage="0.97000" // Fraction of theoretical cornering grip that AI attempt to use (can be overrode in HDV)
AI Max Load="40000.00000" // Maximum total load to set up theoretical performance tables (can be overrode in HDV)
AI Min Radius="20.00000" // Minimum radius turn to set up theoretical performance tables (can be overrode in HDV)
AI to AI Collision Rate="20" // Detection rate per second (1-40) for AI-to-AI collisions
Auto Line Smooth="1" // 1 = fastest line, 2 = inside/outside, 3 = fastest and inside/outside
Message Center Detail="3"
Spotter Detail="4"
Spotter Laptimes="2" // Report laptimes: 0=never 1=non-race 2=always
Spotter Behind="10.00000" // Range behind at which spotter may comment on vehicles around you (range ahead is 40% of this value because those vehicles are easier to see)
Play Movies="1"
Race Stint Offset="0" // Offset each scheduled pitstop in case you want to carry extra fuel
Relative Fuel Strategy="1" // Show how much fuel to ADD, rather than how much TOTAL fuel to fill the tank up to
Smart Pitcrew="1" // Pitcrew does things even if you mistakenly forgot to ask (one example is changing a damaged tire)
Automatic Pit Menu="4" // brings up pit menu automatically: 0=disabled, 1=upon pit ENTRY, change cockpit menu but do not bring up HUD, 2=pit ENTRY->cockpit & HUD, 3=pit REQUEST->cockpit menu only, 4=pit REQUEST->cockpit & HUD
Autocalibrate AI Mode="1" // When in a test day with 1 AI, AI will attempt to perfect his driving line, and save his knowledge for future use
Find Default Setup="0" // If 1, attempts to ensure player has default setup ... only works well if only one vehicle class in RFM
Relevant Setups Only="1" // 0 = show all setups in folder, 1 = only show setups for your current vehicle
Keep Received Setups="3" // 0=do not accept, 1=keep until next track, 2=keep until exit, 3=keep forever
QUICK FreeSettings="107" // -1=use RFM/season/GDB default, or add to allow minor changes with fixed/parc ferme setups: 1=steering lock, 2=brake pressure, 4=starting fuel, 8=fuel strategy 16=tire compound, 32=brake bias, 64=front wing, 128=engine settings
MULTI FreeSettings="-1"
Fixed Setups="0" // use fixed setups specified in UserData\<plr>\FavoriteAndFixedSetups.gal (based on track and vehicle class)
Fixed AI Setups="0" // whether AI use the fixed setups, only applicable if "Fixed Setups" is also enabled (and can be used in single player to have the AIs use your favorite setup)
Fixed Upgrades="0" // whether multiplayer vehicles use the closest standard upgrade class package
Disable NetComm="0" // If 1, network features are disabled
AI Limiter="1.00000" // Range: 0.0 (no limiting) - 1.0 (limiting used to make racing closer but also make more driver differences on flat-out tracks)
AI Mistakes="0.00000" // a range of (intentional) AI mistakes from 0.0 (none) to 1.0 (sometimes).  Anything above 1.0 multiplies the frequency
AI Realism="0.24830"
Display Driver Stats="0"
Display Track Stats="0"
Settings Type="1"
Exit Confirmation="0" // 0=none, 1=race only, 2=always
Monitor AI Postfix="" // what is displayed after AI driver names in monitor (multiplayer only)
Monitor Admin Postfix="*" // what is displayed after multiplayer administrator driver names in monitor
Realtime Splits="1" // 0=show race splits at sectors only, 1=realtime splits (can be toggled while driving with pit decrement key
Standings Func="0" // standings scroll with pit up/down keys: 0=no wraparound, 1=wraparound, 2=auto-scroll (can be changed while driving with pit increment key)
Show Extra Lap="1" // 0 = show laps completed, 1 = show lap you are on
One Lap To Go Warning="7" // Race only: 0=none, 1=message, 2=white flag, 3=both, Race+Qual: add 4.  Feature not implemented for timed races or lapped vehicles.
Pitstop Description="1" // Gives extra info about what's taking time in pitstop
Measurement Units="0" // Units for everything EXCEPT speed (0 = metric, 1 = english/imperial)
Speed Units="1" // 0 = MPH, 1 = KPH
Damper Units="0" // Display dampers (shocks) in garage as: 0 = setting (e.g. 1-20), 1 = rate (e.g. 1000-9000 N/m/s)
Horizontal Tire Temps="1" // In garage options
QUICK Race Finish Criteria="1" // 0=percentage,1=laps, 2=time, 3=laps&time
MULTI Race Finish Criteria="1"
QUICK Race Laps="12"
MULTI Race Laps="5"
QUICK Race Time="30" // minutes
MULTI Race Time="120"
QUICK Race Length="0.50000"
MULTI Race Length="0.10000"
QUICK Speed Compensation="0" // 0 (none) - 10 (max)
MULTI Speed Compensation="0"
Speed Comp Dist="500.00000" // <= 2.0: fraction of track length, > 2.0: actual distance in meters for max speed comp
QUICK Opponents="30"
MULTI Opponents="0"
Vehicle Removal="30.00000" // Seconds until stationary vehicle is removed from track
Debris Removal="30.00000" // Seconds until stationary debris is removed from track
Parts Duration="1000.00000" // Seconds after parts break off before disappearing
QUICK CrashRecovery="3" // 0=none, 1=artificially keep cars on track, 2=flip cars upright, 3=both
MULTI CrashRecovery="0"
QUICK Fuel Consumption Multiplier="1"
MULTI Fuel Consumption Multiplier="1"
QUICK Tire Wear Multiplier="1"
MULTI Tire Wear Multiplier="1"
Auto-change Opponent List="1" // whether to change the single-player allowed vehicle filter when player changes vehicles
CURNT Allowed Vehicles="TWF1_79R"
PRACT Allowed Vehicles="TWF1_79R"
QUICK Allowed Vehicles="TWF1_79R"
GPRIX Allowed Vehicles="TWF1_79R"
CHAMP Allowed Vehicles="|1979|2005|2006|AcademyRacer|rF1600|rF3|F3c|OWC"
MULTI Allowed Vehicles="|Hammer|Hammer6|HammerCompR|HammerGT|2005|GP1|GP2|GP3|Howston|SRGP|CompactSport|Lienz|RallyCross|Rayzor|RC1|RC2|RC3|GT1|GT2|GT3|Rhez|AcademyRacer|rTAdvanced|rTSchool|AType|MType|ZR|ZType|rF3|Hillclimb|RGT1|RGT2|RGT3|RGTQ|Vayline|Venom|2006|BMWF1|FormulaIS|OWC|NSCRS|StockCar|F3Euro"
RPLAY Allowed Vehicles="TWF1_79R"
Inactive Sleep Time="25" // Number of milliseconds to sleep each message loop if the game is not the active application (-1 to disable).  will give more CPU to other apps when minimized, etc.
Active Sleep Time="-1" // ms to sleep each loop if the game is the active app (-1 to disable).  Consider setting to 1 or more if you are running a dedicated server on the same machine.
ArcadeSupport="0" // implements a number of arcade-like features such as disabling the ability to false start

[ Miscellaneous ]
Key Repeat Rate="1"
AVI export width="320"
AVI export height="240"
AVI export framerate="30.00000"
AVI export quality="95.00000"
AVI compressor fourcc="cvid" // Changes compression algorithm

[ Controls ]
Current Control File="Controller"
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