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Formation lap

In order to reduce the likelihood of incidents on the formation lap please observe the following for Championship, Club events and any other official races:

- the pole sitter should accelerate as soon as the countdown reaches zero and the "begin formation lap" message appears.

- the second place driver should not accelerate until he sees the pole sitter move. The third place driver not until he sees the second move and so on.

- keep in SINGLE FILE FORMATION. The "begin formation lap" message tells you to follow the car ahead of you in the line you are in (e.g. 10th to follow 8th). IGNORE this and follow the driver placed immediately in front of you (e.g. 10th to follow 9th).

- concentrate on the car(s) ahead of you, not those behind! The following car is responsible for not hitting the car ahead, do not string out the field but do not sit on the gearbox try to follow offset particularly entering corners.

- the pole sitter should drive at a reasonable pace, enough to warm up the tyres through the turns but not so fast that those behind will get too strung out.

- Burnouts: Wheelspin on initial launch off the formation lap grid is acceptable, but again drivers must maintain control of their vehicle when doing so. For the remainder of the formation lap, burnouts [wheelspin created from over acceleration] are UNACCEPTABLE. Drivers seen to be slowing excessively in order to practice launching the car, or warm the rear tires will be penalized. To keep things simple, if the Race Stewards see smoke, penalties will follow.

- Weaving to warm tyres, experiments have shown that weaving only increases the tyre temperatures by one or two degrees whilst experience has shown that weaving causes the most incidents on a formation lap. The most effect method is to work the tyres harder in a corner to increase heat. Weaving is unnecessary but may add to the atmosphere, however be prepared for the consequences of any incident resulting from weaving

- avoid all hard braking except in normal braking zones and then only down to approximately the normal speed for the turn. Unexpected hard braking will ripple back through the pack and cause serious problems for those behind you. If you want to warm the brakes then the best method is to lean gently on the brake pedal whilst still pressing the throttle to maintain your speed (assuming you have your pedals on separate axes).

- do not accelerate hard unless you are sure it is clear to do so and not to such high speeds that you will then need to brake hard to slow down again (except in normal braking zones).

- if you should spin off then regain any places lost in as safe a manner as possible. If you see someone spin off then be aware that they may be trying to pass you.

- If you lose a wing you must pit and start from pit lane (it is best to hit 'esc' and then click on the 'race' button which gives you a totally repaired car). You must then wait for the pit exit lights to change from red to green before you can rejoin the track. The lights do not change until the lead car has reached the end of the first sector so it may take some time depending on the track. On no account leave until the lights do change green or you will be automatically disqualified from the race. Bear in mind engine temperature and consider switching off engine whilst waiting

Any driver not observing these guidelines may leave themselves open to penalty especially if they have an incident.

Every race the formation lap is reviewed by the Legends Race Stewards.

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