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The Kikkoman Racing Team will be active in the rf2 TWF1 2015 Championship even though teams do not participate that season, we don't care, we will be winning anyways.

Driver 1: Grant Riddall
Location: UK

Cars used:
McLaren M29
Ferrari T3

1x Clean Driver Award
2013 TWF1 Spring Team Champion [Kikkoman]
2013 TWFC Spring Champion [Kikkoman]
2013 TWF1 Spring Champion [Kikkoman]
2012 TWFC Spring Team Champion [Kikkoman]
2012 TWFC Spring Champion [Kikkoman]
2011 TWF1 Autumn Champion [kikkoman]
2011 TWFC Spring Team Champion
2010 TWF1 Autumn Team Champion
2010 TWFC Autumn Champion
2010 Annual AWESOME Special Champion

Grant Riddall likes his Soy Sauce in combination of the typical English meal of Fish and Chips.
Quote: 'why i am so fast on track? Beeing fast is all about concentration and not losing focus. So i have a bottle of Kikkoman Soy Sauce near me in all races and whenever i need a punch i use Kikko-Punch!'

Driver 2: Rouke vd Hoek
Location: Nippon

Cars used:
McLaren M29
Brabham BT49

4x Clean Driver Award
2013 TWF1 Spring Team Champion [Kikkoman]
2012 TWFC Spring Team Champion [Kikkoman]
2011 TWSC Champion [kikkoman]
2011 TWFC Spring Team Champion [team pyro]
2011 Annual Special LOTR Winner
2010 TWF1 Spring Champion
2010 TWF1 Autumn Champion
2010 Annual Special MEOWS Winner
2007 TWF1 Autumn Team Champion [team powerboost]
2007 TWFB Autumn Champion

Rouke vd Hoek preferes his typical Dutch cheese to go along with Kikkoman Soy Sauce and he claims that even Tulips taste nice with it.
Quote: 'Kikkoman is so awesome i use it every day, it keeps me healthy and it kills bacteria! I would love to visit Planet Soy some time.'

Team Skins, Cars and usefefull info

2015 Spring TWF1 [rf2]


2013 Spring TWF1


2012 Autumn TWFC
Also available in 3D


2012 Spring TWF1

2012 Spring TWSC

2011 Autumn TWFC

2011 Autumn TWF1


Important information that could change your life:

Kikkoman Soy Sauce is enjoyed in over 100 countries. visit the website here: http://www.kikkoman.com/index.shtml

Information about Soy Sauce Warrior Kikkoman can be obtained here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soy_Sauce_Warrior_Kikkoman

Soy Sauce Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soy_sauce

Soy Sauce Parafinalia:

Yes. We went a little overboard with this team presentation but we had fun with it :p

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